About Sharon Clemente

I have lived in West Virginia, Michigan, South Carolina, Minnesota, North Carolina, Alabama, New Jersey, Germany and then Georgia. I moved from the Atlanta, GA, area to Arizona in 1996 and am now a resident of Mesa having formerly lived in Chandler and Gilbert. I have a bachelor's degree in Business and worked in the corporate world until launching into the insurance field in 2006 but did not find my passion until learning about the challenges people have surrounding Medicare. I have been helping people understand Medicare and their options since 2012.


I am an independent insurance broker/agent specializing in private health insurance plans to supplement Medicare and am currently contracted with twenty-three different carriers with several types of plans which enable me to truly be able to offer plans that work for my clients. I advise on how Medicare works, its costs and benefits, and recommend insurance plans to best suit individuals' unique needs.


I commit to continued availability to my clients to help them when they have questions about their plans or Medicare. I also consult on subsidy programs for Medicare beneficiaries.

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