Could I Need a Home Care Service Plan?

If you have not already purchased a Long-Term Care policy and are 65 years old or over, this is rarely financially possible.  There is an alternative to assist you to age in-place with outside help with either a short-term home care policy or one that truly gives you all the care hours you may potentially need.  This is not home health care, but rather a non-medical care service which provides assistance with the daily activities of living and assistance with meal preparation, shopping, etc. by a licensed and registered network home care agency or even a neighbor or friend.


The True Freedom Nationwide Home Care Plans are designed for seniors who have waited too long to shop for traditional long term care insurance and now cannot afford the high premiums. A True Freedom Nationwide Home Care Membership is for those who would like the peace of mind and security of knowing that a plan is in place in the event of a future unexpected injury or illness. The Plan will help to avoid facility based confinement and receive care in the comfort of their own home, while also providing that much needed break for a spouse and/or family members in caring for their senior loved one.


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